Ginger Juice

Ginger juice is made up of 100% Ginger. The juice has a spicy taste and it not only hydrates, it also detoxifies and prepares your body for self-repair, weight loss and/or weight management.

The juice contains no preservatives and no sugar, so it will get spoilt if kept outside the fridge or freezer. The juice should be consumed within a week from the date it was prepared. It should also be consumed within 3 days after opening.

Do not order for more than you can consume within a 2-week period. If the juice is kept for more than 2 weeks, it may lose its potency and the taste may change.

We make our juices fresh on orders and we deliver twice a week within Lagos state only.

All our juices are made the night before delivery and are kept in the freezer immediately after production.

Our delivery days are Tuesdays and Fridays.

A 500ml bottle of Ginger Juice is 500 NGN.

All orders should be made at least 24hrs before the delivery day. Any order past the deadline will be made and delivered on the next delivery day.

You can make your orders by sending a text message or WhatsApp message to 08091784268 or follow @gingereverythingng on Instagram and send a direct message.

We only accept cash payment on delivery. If you are unable to pay with cash, we will send bank details for you to pay before delivery. Once payment is confirmed, your product will be delivered to you on the appropriate delivery day.