Is Ginger Juice Sweet Enough For Me?

The answer is simple.


Drinking Ginger Juice either plain or with accompanying fruits, spices and/or herbs gives you a different taste experience. We believe that the less sweet and more organic a product is, the more therapeutic and healthy it is.

Our juices pack a plethora of antioxidant power and healing properties. What matters most is not the taste but the long-term benefits of including our juices in your daily life.

We produce dried ginger chunks for a mid-day snack or powdered ginger for your meals and for your tea.

Do not worry about the taste of the juice. We assure you that it is a taste you will learn to love and crave for. It is not bitter. It is not sour. It is a taste only you can understand and your personal ginger taste-bud experience is one you will never forget or regret.

Order your flavor of Ginger Juice, our Dried Ginger Chunks or our Powdered Ginger now.

A 500ml bottle of any flavor of Ginger Juice is 500 NGN.

A 250ml bottle of any flavor of Ginger Juice is 300 NGN.

A 50g pack of Dried Ginger Chunks is 300 NGN.

A 50g pack of Ginger Powder is 500 NGN.

All orders should be made at least 24hrs before the day of delivery. Any order past the deadline will be made and delivered on the next day of delivery.

You can make your orders by sending a text message or WhatsApp message to 08091784268 or follow @gingereverythingng on Instagram and send a direct message.

Our delivery days are Tuesdays and Fridays.