Why Should I Drink Ginger Juice?

Ginger Juice is made from 100% Ginger with no additives or preservatives. The ginger root is washed thoroughly, peeled and grated. Then the grated ginger is blended to produce the juice that is bottled and frozen for delivery to you.

According to the online health world, it is recommended that we take up to 4g of ginger daily to achieve therapeutic goals. Some take more in divided doses daily. Others take less. It all depends on the individual.

One bottle of Ginger Juice contains more than enough ginger to give you multiple times the recommended daily dose. You get extra benefits from a single bottle and you also get to enjoy more than you bargained for.

There are so many ways to use the Ginger Juice. You could boil it and make it into a tea. You could mix up a cocktail using herbs and fruits. You could do a 1-day detox with lime and honey, giving your liver some much needed rest and time to heal. You could even whip up some Chicken broth using the ginger juice instead of plain water.

Play around with different ways to incorporate the juice into your daily life and reap the benefits over time. Healthy living is a habit not a one-time quick deal.

Be patient. Be healthy. Be happy.

A 500ml bottle of Ginger Juice is 1000 NGN.

All orders should be made at least 24hrs before the delivery day. Any order past the deadline will be made and delivered on the next delivery day.

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