Why Should I Detox With Ginger

We cannot talk about detox without talking about our body’s most hardworking organ, the Liver.

The liver is your detoxifying organ, cleaning out toxins and wastes from your blood, and performing other tasks that maintain a healthy life. Some of you may wonder where do these toxins come from?

Toxins get into your blood from exposure to substances like smoke, pesticides, some chemicals found in processed foods, paint and a lot more. We live in a toxic environment and are surrounded by unhealthy foods and we breathe in air that’s been industrialized and filled with harmful toxic substances.

Toxins can also be formed by eating normal food due to digestion. For instance, ammonia is produced when we digest protein and the liver works to convert that toxic ammonia into a less toxic substance that is quickly eliminated from the body via the kidneys.

Your liver needs to work efficiently to maintain a healthy and disease free body. What kind of foods do we eat daily? Is it foods that increase the workload of the liver or assist the liver in its detoxification process. Most times, we can’t help what we eat but we can do something to help our liver.

The need for an occasional Detox with Ginger comes in at this point. Here are some research into the effects of Ginger on the liver.

It ameliorates Liver Stress.

It treats and protects against Liver Fibrosis.

It prevents Liver Cancer.


There is so much research out there about the benefits of Ginger on the Liver.

A healthy liver is necessary to have and maintain a healthy life.

Support, Protect, Heal and De-Stress your liver today. Pick a detox program that’s  good for you.